2022: Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles, California 

 In the summer of 2022 I took intensive lessons in MDC in the heart of Hollywood. I practiced with many teachers in many different styles challenging myself in new ways. Some of the teachers I've had were  Alexander Chung, Sam Nelson, Will Simons, Ajaye Skeene, Kris Terry, Rob Wilson, James Marino, Tobias Ellehammer, Laurien De Munck and more.

2021: Juste Debout and other studios in Paris, France 

In the summer of 2021 I took intensive lessons in Juste Debout school and other studios in Paris. Some of the teachers I had were: Rubix, Kuty, Reji (x2), Deyvron (x2), Salif, Les Twins, No Script, Kefton (x2) and Zyko. 

Workshops From International Dancers 

Other classes I have had with international dancers (besides the ones that I have already mentioned) were with: Les Twins (x2), Ukay, Franky Dee, Miracle, Fabreezy and Joseph Go (x2).

2018-2019: Acting Classes

I have taken acting for theatre and camera along with directing classes with Pantelis Kapsalis, in his acting and directing workshop courses named "Antosi.

2022: Direction & Cinematography Workshop

 I have also furthered my experience with directing and cinematography, in 2022, sitting through workshops with experts.

2018: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, from the Athens University of Economics and Business.